Charging station ECB.210

Charging station ECB.210
Charging station ECB.210

We are glad to present our new charging station ECB.210 for electric buses and electric vehicles: cars, buses and trucks.

The charging station is equipped with two DC channels that can work simultaneously with equal sharing of the total power. By the request, the charging station ECB.210 can be equipped with various types of connectors and different lengths of the charging cable.

The electronic unit of the charging station allows for remote control over the charging process, keeping records of consumed electricity.

The output power of 210 kW allows supports fast charging of electric vehicles. For example, a car with a 200 kWh battery can be charged in 1 hour!


Input (AC)

AC connection type3+N+PE
Mains parameters380/410 V 50/60 Hz
Maximum input current (phase)320 A

Output (DC)

Maximum current per channel210 A
Output voltage range150 — 1000 V
Rated output power (divided equally between channels)
210 kw

Vehicle connection

CCS Combo2, cable 6 m2 slots

Mass-dimensional and temperature characteristics

Dimensions (width / height / depth)2200х460х350 mm
Weight~ 200 kg
Operating temperature-30°C..+40°C


Water/dust protectionIP 65
Built-in RCD and circuit breaker
Automatic shutdown when charging is done or cable/connection issues found
Emergency stop button

Communication and interfaces

10” LCD screen + LED indication
GPRS/LTE built-in support
Smart-card reader ISO 15693 (iCLASS), ISO14443 (MIFARE, DESFIRE)
Built-in electricity meter
OCPP 1.6 protocol support
Built-in WEB server for local diagnostics and configuration
Smartphone app for payment

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