Traction motor

STRIM engineers have developed a new 125 kW asynchronous AC traction motor. The motor has compact dimensions: 612x420x416 mm. The size reduction was made possible by using a special liquid cooling system with increased heat transfer parameters.

New technical solutions were applied in the design of the frontal part and the design of the rotor.

To determine the engine speed, a two-channel sensor with a current output and a direction of rotation sensor is integrated.

Traction motor diagnostics and overheating protection are implemented on the basis of special temperature sensors, which allow monitoring the temperature state of bearing assemblies, slot and frontal parts of stator windings.

Traction motor
Traction motor


Technical characteristics

Rated power125 kW
Rated torque650 N m
Climatic categoryGOST 15150-69 – U1
The degree of protection in accordance with GOST 14254-2015IP67
Coolant typeG12, G13
Speed sensor typeDHV-01.4 STRM.453624.005-04
The lengths of the output wires and the cable part of the speed sensor can be changed by additional agreement with the customer.

we are ready for serial production of traction motors and invite automotive manufacturers for co-production.

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