Traction coverters and control systems



AP-1500 power traction converter for BELAZ mining dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 220 – 240 tons. The converter is designed to control over two traction asynchronous electric machines and a traction synchronous generator with a total power of 1500 kW.

Power phase modules of the converter are compact and protected from overheating by liquid cooling system with temperature control. The electronic control system includes a modular design and CAN support. AP-1500 operates in a continuous mode with a wide range of varying load and speed.



General specifications

Mode of operation with constantly changing load and speedS1 (continuous)
Dump truck speed60 km h

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature-40 … + 65 ° С
Pressure84 … 106.7 kPa

Converter power section characteristics

Rated line voltage700 V
Maximum supply voltage frequency150 Hz
Rated line-to-line voltageof 660 V
Maximum generated voltage frequency200 Hz
Maximum phase current (RMS)1100 A
Rated current of the braking resistor, per channel650 A

Control system characteristics

Rated power consumption1.2 kW
Supply voltage range18-32 V


Size (length / width / height)3015х1039х1598 mm


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