Tire pressure monitoring systems

Automatic tire pressure control system (TPMS)


Automatic tire pressure control system is a comprehensive solution for off-road vehicles.  Allows to automatically adjust the tire pressure on the go in the range of 1…9 bar. Includes four preset levels of pressure setting for different road coatings. Unloads the air supply heads after pumping is complete with special automatic wheel valves, measures the tire pressure through radio pressure sensors and displaying the information on each tire.


structure of the automatic
tire pressure control system

ATPRS capabilities

  • Automatic inflation and deflation of tires at four preset pressure levels;
  • Supports inflation and deflation of tires on the go;
  • Contour pumping and separate pumping of each tire;
  • Maintaining optimal tire pressure during operation;
  • Detection of punctures, center misalignments, critical tire pressures
  • Customization and control out of the cabin
  • Flexible configuration according to Client’s requests

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