Traction coverters and control systems

control section


A joint research prosuct of BELAZ and STRIM — contactorless control section for traction drives of BELAZ dump trucks with a lifting capacity of 220 and 130 tons. The contactorless control section is designed to replace the conventional control section, which uses contators with low durability and additional maintenance and repair expenses. Our system is based on thyristor modules, which supports “soft” switching.


SYstem capabilities

Braking System

Speed Limiter

Cruise Control

Modern Electronics
With CAN Support

Hill Start Assist

Traction Control

Enhanced Onboard

Remote Tuning &

Fuel Saving

Hill Descent

Fast Mode

CONTROL SECTION remote tuning and diagnostics

The telematics system allows to determine deviations of parameters and helps
STRIM specialists to fix possible problems and adjust the control process.

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