Control systems for truck cranes, lifts and utility vehicles

Control solution for municipal vehicles


Electronic control solution for the working equipment of municipal vehicles (garbage trucks) with rear loading. Waste baling modes are implemented both in automatic and manual.

The solution supports special integration with the video monitoring of hazardous areas. The control system includes on-board diagnostics with informative display and developed in accordance with European standards EN 1501-1-2007.


structure of the
garbage truck control system


SU-01.1 control module 02

the control system capabilities

  • Manual control of the waste baling process;
  • Semi-automatic control of the waste baling mechanism;
  • Automatic control of the waste baling mechanism;
  • Rear side up/down control;
  • Ejection plate control;
  • Smoothing mode;
  • Emergency alarm;
  • Working area lighting;
  • Emergency shutdown of the bailing mechanism;
  • Overload protection;
  • Overpressure protection;
  • Exceeding moment protection;
  • Load sensor and load indication support;
  • Engine speed control via CAN bus;
  • Integration with the video surveillance system to prevent dangerous situations;
  • Registration of all parameters of the machine and images from video cameras.


General specifications

Number of indicator lights3
Weight (control module)2.3 kg
CAN interfaces1
CAN speed250 kbit/s

Discrete input specifications

Number of inputs4
Logical “0” voltage range0-5.7 V
Logical “1” voltage range13.3-36 V
Maximum input voltage36 V

Current input specifications

Number of inputs4
Measured current range0-25 mA
Accuracy0.25 mA

Sensor power supply output specifications

Number of outputs1
Output voltage15 V
Maximum current200 mA

Power outputs type А

Number of outputs12
Maximum continuous current1.5 A

Power outputs type C specifications

Number of outputs9
Maximum continuous current2.5 A

Power output (emergency stop) specifications

Number of outputs1
Maximum continuous current3 A


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