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Keyboard panel MKK-01


The cruise control module MKK-01 is designed to control engine speed and vehicle speed. The MKK-01 module can be installed on vehicles with any engines that have an electronic control system. Supports the J1939 protocol or engines equipped with a SAUDD control system.

By using the MKK-01 module one can control the speed both when driving on a straight road and when driving downhill. When driving downhill, the MKK-01 acts on the engine brake, the hydraulic retarder or on the vehicle’s brake system.



General specifications

Rated supply voltage24 V
Number of CAN lines1
Weight174 g

Discrete input specifications

Number of inputs2
Voltage range corresponding to logical “0”0 – 5,7 V
Voltage range corresponding to logical “1”13,3 – 36 V
Maximum input voltage36 V

Counting input specifications

Number of inputs1
Voltage range corresponding to logical “0”0 – 2 V
Voltage range corresponding to logical “1”4,7 – 36 V
Resolution10 us
Maximum input signal frequency10 kHz

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature-50…+65 °C
Relative humidity, at 20 ° C80%
Atmosphere pressure630 – 800 mm Hg


Size (length / width / height)81х45х81 mm

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