Control units

Keyboard panel Pkk-01.1


Transmits control signals to the MI-15.0.1 unit via CAN.
Allows to set any pressure in the range from minimum to maximum level.
– The button for activating the tire inflation system.
– Four buttons for setting the pressure levels: asphalt (HWY), off-road (FIELD), sand, snow (SAND), emergency (EMER). Automatic tires unloading after inflation for 4 levels.
– “RESET” button allows to unload the system after the inflation of tires in the intervals between 4 preset ones.
– The two-light button illumination (white and green).



General specifications

Protection according to GOST 14254-2015IP40
Rated supply voltage24 V

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature-45…+55 °С
Increased relative humidity, at 35 ° С98%
Reduced atmospheric pressure52 kPa (limit value — 12 kPa)


Size (length / width / height)195х37х64 mm

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