Locking differentials control systems

Locking differentials control system


The locking differential control system is designed for use in dump trucks and specialized vehicles. The adaptive control algorithms work on the “set up and forget” principle.

Electronic modules of the system is integrated into the multiplex system of a vehicle and detects the moments of wheel slip, automatically blocks the clutches, increasing the traction of the wheels.

Deactivations of bridge interlocks are made automatically after the completion of difficult sections. Protective functions of the system prevent axle breakage.


Structure of the control system


Locking differential control module (MBD-02) 02

the control system capabilities

  • Automatic and command modes of locking differentials control;
  • Correct switching of locking differentials;
  • Increasing the resource of axles;
  • Gear overload protection;
  • Switching off the locking differentials when the preset speed is exceeded;
  • Axles protection by limiting the engine torque via CAN;
  • Diagnostics of system components (short circuit, breaks);
  • Easy to set up and use.

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