MI-07.20 module


The module MI-07.20 is designed for operation as a part of automatic control systems of vehicles for various purposes.

Key features:

  • receiving/transmitting messages via CAN (J1939);
  • digital inputs status monitoring;
  • discrete outputs control;
  • conversion of analog voltage and current signals into a code;
  • determining the input pulse frequency for periodic signals;
  • resistance measurement.


Operating conditions

Operating supply voltage range, V18…32
Operating temperature range, °С-45…+60
Maximum humidity, %98
Atmospheric low pressure, kPa52

Digital inputs

Number of inputs19
Voltage range corresponding to logical “0”, V0…5,7
Voltage range corresponding to logical “1”, V13,3…36
Maximum input voltage, V36

Current inputs

Number of inputs10
Measuring current range, mA0…25
Accuracy, mA0,25

Counting inputs

Number of inputs4
Voltage range corresponding to logical “0”, V0…2
Voltage range corresponding to logical “1”, V4,7…36
Resolution, µs4
Maximum input pulse frequency of counting inputs, kHz10

Resistive inputs

Number of inputs2
Measured resistance range, kOhm0,1…5
Accuracy, Ohm10

Power outputs (PWM)

Number of outputs10
Maximum continuous current (no more than), A2

Power outputs (discrete)

Number of outputs4
Maximum continuous current, (no more than), A2


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