Control and diagnostic systems

Multiplex vehicle control system


A modern solution for electrical equipment and control systems for mechanisms of cars and buses. Allows for lighting and mechanical equipment control, monitoring and diagnostics.

The solution is based on the CAN interface in accordance with the J1939 protocol, and also supports proprietary protocols.


structure of the multiplex system


KET-02 cabin controller 03
MI-04 04
MUS-02 05

Multiplex system capabilities

  • Collection and analysis of information from sensors and controls;
  • Transmission of control and diagnostic information via CAN interface in accordance with the SAE J1939 protocol;
  • Lighting control and diagnostics of conditions (low-high beam, turns, stop, other light devices);
  • Control of hydraulic, electromechanical, pneumatic actuators on board;
  • Vendor independence – using J1939 allows data to be received from various devices
  • Unified lines of modules: MI-04 are interchangeable; MUS-02 have a similar property;
  • Scalability of the system by increasing the number of modules
  • Reduction of the number of wires due to CAN;
  • “Alarm log” for storing and displaying diagnostic messages;
  • Multilingual interface (English and Russian, and others by request);
  • Onboard and remote tuning, BARS-2020 remote data logging functions;
  • Adaptability of the diagnostic subsystem of the display panel: the ability to configure various user messages, the comparison of diagnostic messages with online documentation and other information

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