Traction coverters and control systems



The PHT-01 converter is designed to control over a traction synchronous generator and two traction asynchronous motors. The PHT-01 modular control system was designed along with BELAZ specialists for the BELAZ-7558V mining truck with a lifting capacity of 90 tons.

STRIM engineers have invented unique power phase modules and the electronic control system, which allows to control over electrical drives of different manufacturers.
The modular construction of the control system simplifies the process of assembly, diagnostics and repair.


SYstem capabilities

Braking System

Speed Limiter

Cruise Control

Modern Electronics
With CAN Support

Hill Start Assist

Traction Control

Enhanced Onboard

Remote Tuning &

Fuel Saving

Hill Descent


Power converter specifications

Rated phase-to-phase voltage (generator)700 V
Maximum power source frequency (generator)150 Hz
DC link rated power2×380 kW
DC link rated voltage950 V
DC link maximum voltage1100 V
Output phase-to-phase voltage (rated)660 V
Output voltage maximum frequency200 Hz
Maximum phase current (RMS)1000 A
Braking resistor channels2
Braking resistor rated current650 A

Control system specifications

Rated power consumption0.5 kW
Rated power supply voltage24 V
Minimum power supply voltage18 V
Maximum power supply voltage32 V

PHT-01 remote tuning and diagnostics

Data, generated by the BARS-2020, can be processed by STRIM servers and then analyzed by our specialists. The result of the analysis is the client-oriented support and the parameters adjustment.

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