Pneumatic devices

tire inflation unit


The pneumatic inflating unit automatically inflates and deflates tires of four-wheel chassis. Each wheel can be inflated and deflated independently, according to required pressure levels. In the case of puncture of one of the tires, the unit compensates the leakage by keeping the continuous air flow.

The unit also allows for inflation and deflation on the go. Tire pressure adjustment between 1 and 8 bar.



General specifications

Nominal diameter10 mm
P-B flow rate at ∆P = 7 bar25 l/min
Drain valve leaks0,015…0,050 l/min
Maximum inlet pressure350 bar
Operating pressure range0 – 120 bar
Rated voltage24 V
Operating current0,7 A
Operating temperature-40… +120 °C
Purity class of working fluid according to GOST 17216-200111
PWM frequency100-400 Hz
Duration of operating100%
Connector protection classIP67
The module remains operational after being inoperative at temperatures down to -60 ° C and reduced atmospheric pressure up to 22.6 kPa (170 mm Hg).

Module operating conditions

Ambient temperature-40… +90 °C
Relative humidity at 20 ° C80%
Atmosphere pressure84… 106,7 kPa

The module remains operational when exposed to
following mechanical overloads:

Sinusoidal vibration with a frequency of 50-2000 Hz with overload up to 20g
Shocks with overload 40 g


Size (length / height)143х114 mm


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