Position sensor DP-01


The position sensor is a solution for determining the angle of rotation or horizontal movement. The sensor can be used to detect an electronic pedal angle, suspension travel, wheel steering in steering systems, bucket position and boom reach in excavators or loaders.

The angle of rotation is programmable and can be adjusted at the request of the customer in the range from 0 to 180 ⁰. Sealed housing and IP65 or IP67 connector allow for outdoor installation with the possibility of short-term water immersion up to 2 m.



General specifications

Operating voltage range5 – 12 V
Maximum current consumption20 mA
Full mechanical shaft angle75° ± 3°
Operating angular range75° ± 3°
Number of channels2
Maximum nonlinearity of characteristics (in the operating angular range)± 1,5%
Functional characteristic error at control points (at Uop = 5.00 ± 0.05 V), no more than± 40 mV
Operating temperature range-40…+ 65 ºС


Size (length)300 mm

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