Pressure sensor


DDA-25.2 pressure sensors with a built-in damper is designed to determine the pressure values in hydraulic systems.



General specifications

Supply voltage range8 – 30 V
Rated supply voltage24 V
Output signal range4 – 20 mA
Measured pressure range0-2,5 MPa
Measurement error (taking into account non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability error)±0.5% of measuring range
Influence of temperature on the zero position of the scale< ±0.15% of measuring range/10K
Influence of temperature on the measuring range< ±0,15% of measuring range/10K
Reaction time for liquid media (10-90%)> 0.5 ms
Resource, at pressures of 10-90% of the measuring range> 10 × 10 cycles
Overload pressure120 bar
Burst pressure800 bar
Operating fluid temperature range-45…+125 °С
Working fluid temperature limit range-50…+130 °С
Ambient temperature range-45…+60 °С
Ambient temperature limit range-50…+80 °С
Increased relative humidity, at 35 ° С98%
Minimum operating reduced atmospheric pressure52 kPa
Minimum limiting reduced atmospheric pressure12 kPa
Vibration resistance10-2000 Hz at acceleration of 20g,
sine vibrations
Shock resistance100g
Enclosure protection classIP67
Materials in contact with the measured mediumStainless steel
HousingStainless steel
FittingStainless steel
Electrical connectionDeutsch DT04-4P
Weight300 g


Size (length / width)119х22 mm

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