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Push button selector SPA-02K


The selector is intended for use on vehicles in various types of transmission control systems – mechanical, hydromechanical, hydrostatic, electromechanical. The selector works with other electronic devices of the vehicle via the CAN interface (J1939 protocol).

Using the lever mechanism of the selector and the “MODE” button, the driver controls the transmission:the direction of travel, operating mode and gear number (for a stepped transmission). The selector also reads and processes signals from sensors and transfers information via the CAN bus.


The selector has six buttons: D – forward movement, N – neutral, R – reverse. “+” – shift up, “-” – shift down, the “MODE” button can be used to select the transmission operating mode, for example, automatic or command. All buttons are backlit. The alphanumeric display can display the selected driving mode, or diagnostic information.


General specifications

Operating supply voltage range18 – 32 V
Weight0,7 ± 0,1 kg
Number of CAN interfaces1

Input specifications

Total number of inputs4

Analog counter input specifications

Range of measured input voltage0 – 80 V
Accuracy0,1 V
Maximum input voltage of the counting input50 V
Resolution4 us
Maximum frequency of input signal10 kHz

Output specifications

The number of power outputs designed to control external devices4
Maximum continuous current of power outputs, no more than2 A

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature-45… + 60 °С
Relative humidity, at 35 ° С98 %
Atmospheric reduced pressure52 (limit value – 12) kPa

The selector must remain operational when exposed to the
following mechanical overloads:

Repeated mechanical shocks with a peak acceleration of 150 m/s2 (15g) and a shock acceleration duration of 5 to 10 ms.
Sinusoidal vibration in the frequency range from 1 to 500 Hz and an increase in the vibration acceleration amplitude of 50 m / s2 (5g)


Size (length / height)109х183 mm

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