PV-3 display panel


PV-3 is a multifunctional electronic display that works with electronic units of various vehicle systems via the CAN (J1939 protocol) and displays operating parameters of systems on its screen.

The PV-3 display can work with electronic engines (Cummins, Detroit, Deutz, CAT, YaMZ, MMZ), electronic transmissions (Allison, DANA, ZF, STRIM), electronic braking systems of various manufacturers.

In addition to standard J1939, it is possible to work with proprietary protocols.



General specifications

Rated supply voltage12 – 24 V
Power consumption4 W
Number of CAN interfaces2
Number of discrete inputs2
Number of analog inputs1
Screen size3,37′
Brightness50 cd/m2
Display typeOLED (monochrome)
Screen resolution240×128 px
Viewing angle160°
Weight300 g

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature-40…+65 ºС
Relative humidity at 25 ° C80%
Atmosphere pressure630 – 800 mm Hg


Size (length / width / height)118х86х30 mm

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