Rotational speed sensor DHV-01.5


The frequency sensor DHV-01.5 is designed to measure the rotational speed of HMT gears.



General specifications

Operating supply voltage range (Vop)9 — 32 V
Rated voltage24 V
Maximum current consumption (no load)25 mA
Weight450 g
Number of channels2
Duty cycle50 ± 5 %
Phase shift between channels90° ± 10°
Maximum output current per channel36 mA
Rated current consumption (no load)16 mA
Maximum current consumption (no load)25 mA
Output voltage range at the logic level “0”, no more than1 V
Output voltage range at logic level “1”, not less thanVop — 1 V
Minimum recommended load1 kOhm
Operating clearance0,5 — 2 mm
Measured frequency range0 — 20 kHz
Sensor protection classIP67
Sensor operating temperature range–45…+130 °С


Size (length / width / height)2090х28х60 mm

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