Traction coverters and control systems



SKAT-01EM is the DC traction drive control system. SKAT is designed to control over the movement of a vehicle. Its circuitry and software are designed in order to provide a duplication of some of the control functions for different components, which significantly increases the performance and reliability of the system.

The SKAT-01EM system has been flawlessly working for 12 years as a part of BELAZ machines with lifting capacity of 110-240 tons.


structure of the Traction drive with SKAT-01EM system


SKAT-01EM 03
BUVG-04 04
MVC-01 05


General specifications

Operating voltages range18 – 32 V
Power consumption,no more than (no load)12 W
Weight8.7 ± 0.5 kg
CAN interface channels2

Analog input specifications

Number of inputs24
Measured input voltage range0 – 50 V
Accuracy0.1 V

Counter input specifications

Number of inputs4
Maximum input voltage50 V
Сharacteristic time4 μs
Maximum frequency10 kHz

Discrete input specifications

Number of inputs16
Maximum current (per contact)10 mA

Discrete output specifications

Number of outputs20
Maximum continuous current0.2 A

Sensor input specifications

Number of inputs (sensors)4
Measured resistance range0.1 – 10 kΩ
Accuracy100 Ω


Size (length / width / height)350х156х400 mm

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