Temperature sensors


Temperature sensors are used to measure temperatures from -50 to 180 ℃. Sensors can be used to measure temperatures of air, liquids (including under pressure). Sensors can be implemented in various designs according to the customer request. The electrical connector is protected (IP67). High-temperature cables hold up to 600 ℃. The sensors applicable for measuring the temperature of traction motors.



General specifications

Supply voltage, no more than10 V
Rated current, no more than100 uA
Maximum current, no more than1 mA
Measured temperature range-40 … +150 °С
Maximum measurement error in the entire operating temperature range± 2,5 °С
Sensor typeposistor

Operating conditions

Minimum operating ambient temperature-45 ºC
Minimum limiting ambient temperature-50 ºC
Maximum operating ambient temperature+60 ºC
Maximum limiting ambient temperature+80 ºC
Maximum operating temperature of the working fluid at the sensor position+150 ºC
Maximum limiting temperature of the working fluid at the sensor position+150 ºC
Increased relative humidity, at 35 ° С98%
Minimum operating reduced atmospheric pressure52 kPa
Minimum limiting reduced atmospheric pressure12 kPa


Size (length / width)290х22 mm

Dependence of resistance on the temperature of the sensor’s sensitive element

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