Control and automation modules

Trailer lights controller


The MUS-03 module is designed to control over the lights and lighting equipment of trailers or semi-trailers using the signal coming from the tractor switches of clearance lamps and direction-indicator lamps.


MUS-03 operation principle

  • As the clearance lamps on the tractor are turned on, the signal goes to the control module MUS-03, which activates the side clearance lamps of the trailer (semi-trailer) (A).
  • In case of active turn indicators (for instance, the left one), the MUS-03 switches the side lights on the left to the turn signal mode (B,C).
  • When the tractor’s emergency stop button is pressed, the module switches the side lights in emergency mode (D).

Key feature:

One set of lamps of the trailer (semi-trailer) can operate in three modes: clearance lights, turn signals, emergency stop signals.

No additional power supply is required. MUS-03 uses the power bus of the trailer, for example, when the parking lights are activated, the module is powered from this circuit.

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