Vehicle suspension electronic control systems

Vehicle suspension electronic control system


Electronic suspension position control system is a solution for trucks and special chassis with air and hydropneumatic suspension. The system allows to set the position of the vehicle suspension in three fixed positions – lower, middle, upper.

Electronic position sensors (DP-02.1) set chassis to the desired position with high accuracy.

The tilt angle sensor (DUNG-02) controls the roll of the machine in a turn. The system has a function of automatic calibration of position sensors, which simplifies installation on the vehicle.


structure of the 3-axle chassis suspension control system


MI-05.2 module 03
Hydraulic module 04

control system capabilities

  • Ground clearance adjustment for three positions: lower, static, upper;
  • High positioning accuracy;
  • High reliability of noncontact position sensors;
  • Automatic calibration of position levels;
  • Visualization of system actions on the panel screen;
  • Roll control when cornering;
  • Automatic leveling of the chassis on the ground;
  • Diagnostics of components of the suspension and electronic control system.

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