Wireless pressure sensor
APS Pressure PRO


A non-contact type sensor with built-in battery for detecting air pressure from 0.5 to 13 bar. The perfect solution for tire pressure monitoring systems in vehicles or industrial pneumatic installations. Transmits data on pressure and temperature through a radio module at a distance in line of sight up to 100 m. Installation inside and outside of tanks or tires on a valve with V8 thread is provided.
5 years warranty.



General specifications

Operating frequency433, 92 МГц
Wireless range (line)~ 100 м
Measured pressure range0,7 – 13 atm
Data refresh rate (at a normal pressure)5 min
Delay between messages when pressure drops1 s
Power supplybuilt-in battery 3 V
Operating temperature range-40…+120 ºС
Weight18 g
Compatible with the data readers/loggersMI-15.0.5 module,
Pulse Mining


Dimensionsø28х26 mm


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